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If you already have a web site, and are not really sure what you can do with it to make it go that extra mile, we have the perfect suggestion.  Add dynamic content!  Addition of dynamic content to any web site increases the functionality by leaps and bounds, and makes the site more interesting in general.  The possibilities for your site are virtually limitless.

If you spend any time on the internet what-so-ever, you will have had experience with dynamic content web sites.  These are generally such things as blogs, forums, shopping carts, and even sometimes articles such as these.  Literally everything you see on a web page may be utilizing dynamic content through a content management system, a large dynamic script which manages everything you see on a site.  Many are seeing the massive benefits of switching from static to dynamic content.

A simple web site is typically designed with static content: web pages that must have their code modified to change their appearance.  These utilize simple HTML web coding, and are the accepted norm for development on the internet.  However, more and more developers are beginning to switch over to more complex dynamic methods of coding like PHP or Perl.  With these methods, they can create a web page as normal, but have the information on that page change without ever modifying the code again.

To give you an idea of how useful this is, take a look at a real example.  A personal web site owner has created their web site in HTML, and wants to make a change to their home page.  To do so, they must download the most recent file from the server, modify the code, and then re-upload the file to the server.  The process could be up to ten minutes for the correction of a simple spelling error.  However, the situation completely changes if the developer were using a dynamic content management system.  This change would literally be as easy as going to a bookmarked administrative web page, entering a password, making the correction, and pressing a button.  The entire process might take fifteen seconds.  This concept can be applied to just about any aspect of static website maintenance.

Dynamic content web pages add functionality not only for the developer of a web site, but also for the patrons of that site.  With a static site, it is nearly impossible for a viewer to do any more than just that: view.  A dynamic site empowers a user to do so much more.  Rather than being a spectator, they can take an active role in the development and improvement of a website.  Such massive systems as Wikipedia are founded upon this very principle; the site allows visitors to make their own changes.  The result is obvious: an absolutely massive compilation of relatively accurate information on just about every subject worth discussing.

No matter the web site or the purpose, dynamic content is definitely a considerable alternative to static web sites.

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