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You may have seen our reseller plans and wondered to yourself, “Just what does someone do with all of that space and bandwidth?”  The answer is: they do not do anything with it themselves.  Do the names of the packages make a little more sense now?  No worries, very few people know much about our reselling option when they first register for hosting.  However, it is certainly worth the time and effort to learn a bit more.

The purpose of our PEAR packages is to provide enough website storage and bandwidth for a single website to operate while maintaining room to grow.  The large number of these plans allows for a dynamic range of websites to choose exactly what they need.  The reseller plans, however, are geared more towards the number of sites you wish to support on your plan, rather than size of a single one.  Rather than being named according to the storage in each plan, they are labeled with the monthly bandwidth.

The basic principle behind becoming a reseller is that we give you a large chunk of web space and bandwidth, and you redistribute this space and bandwidth to your own customers as you see fit.  In this manner, you can turn a profit with very little effort on your part.  Our administrative panel (WHM) makes it quite easy for you to perform all of the services of a true web server administrator, and there is no reason your clients ever need know you are anything but the owner of your own web server.

At this point, you may be wondering what the negative aspect of this option is.  The truth is, there really is no downside.  We give you the space and bandwidth with no strings attached, and you are free to sell it to anyone you want at any price you want.  All you need to do is find your own customers and give them what they ask for under your price structure.  In this way, you might achieve something like financing your own web site through us while making a little side cash.  Alternatively, you might create the foundation of what could become your own web hosting conglomerate.  The potential for success is really only limited by your own entrepreneurial spirit.


Storage: 1 GB
Bandwidth: 20GB
Price: $15.90 CAD/mo.
Setup: FREE



Storage: 2 GB
Bandwidth: 40 GB
Price: $26.50 CAD/mo.
Setup: FREE



Storage: 4 GB
Bandwidth: 80 GB
Price: $37.10 CAD/mo.
Setup: FREE